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Discover My No-Nonsense Approach to Better Health:

No Surgeries, No Procedures, No Pills, No Gimmicks.

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About the Author

About the Author

Willie 'Bill' Davis

Willie “Bill” Davis is not just an author; he’s a CEO, visionary thinker and a devoted family man. With an enduring 43-year marriage to his wife Denise, five cherished children, and eleven adored grandchildren, Bill’s life has been profoundly enriched by the love and wisdom of his extended family and friends. His journey into retirement began in 2009 after a dedicated 35-year career at Chrysler Corporation, where he worked tirelessly and ascended to the role of a clerk/team leader. This professional journey not only honed his work ethic but also instilled in him valuable lessons about teamwork, resilience, and unwavering commitment.. However, what truly sets Bill apart is his extraordinary personal transformation. At the age of 66 1/2, he embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey that defied all odds, shedding a remarkable 225 pounds in just 22 months—without resorting to surgeries, procedures, medical diet plans, pills, or gimmicks. Today, he stands at 70 1/2 a healthy and lean 150 pounds, maintaining this incredible weight loss for over 20 months. This awe-inspiring fitness and health transformation is a central theme in his work, intricately woven with his dedication to family, community, church, and personal growth.

About This Book

Saving Grandpa Bill

by Willie 'Bill' Davis

Saving Grandpa Bill is an impassioned plea to take back the reins of your life and live better than you ever imagined you could! This book is an intimate look at Willie “Bill” Davis’ journey from nearly 400 pounds to 150 and feeling better than ever at 70 years old. Laugh and ponder with Willie as he talks about the failings of the typical American diet, the dangers of losing yourself in the American dream, and the triumph of transforming your life by reclaiming and renewing your mind. Read this book and thoughtfully complete the reflection questions to start your own life-changing transformation. Whether you have extra pounds to shed or some other struggle holding you back. Saving Grandpa Bill will equip you with the tools and inspiration to live your best life! See you on the winning side, Superstar!


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It was like a breath of fresh air to meet Willie Davis and witness his amazing transformation. The thing that sets this man apart from the rest is how he was able to accomplish this impressive feat at the age of sixty-eight. Of course, I’ve watched people in their twenties and thirties turn their lives around. Seeing this at his age is mind-blowing! When this man needed to lose over two hundred pounds to be fit enough for a hip replacement and heal his body, he made the decision and got it done!

Will Dabish Cofounder,

President/ CEO Powerhouse Gyms International


We have been created to inspire and help others through our personal journeys. To do that, you must take control of your life as Willie Davis did. As you read this book, I am confident it will resonate with you as it did with me. This book is transformative and will give you ideas to help you achieve all the plans you have laid out for your life

Bishop Marvin L. Winans Sr.

Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer, Songwriter, and Founder/Pastor of Perfecting Church


A story of a few words and a plan bringing life-altering changes. It is the best that a patient and a doctor can achieve. It is a reminder to physicians that when we become myopic from the challenges of our profession, we need to remember something. In our best moments we do not treat disease or suffering. In our best moments we touch someone’s life, and they touch ours.


That is the true destination of a therapeutic relationship. This is a story of what can be done when facing a challenge. It is a story that can surely be therapeutic for you as well.

William Higginbotham III MD, FAAOS, FACS

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